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Meet Carla Winter

Carla is a local, energetic real estate agent who loves where she lives.

She moved to Livermore in 1992 and has since raised her family (and a handful of chickens) in this community. She started selling homes in 1993 because she recognized that behind every home purchase or sale, there is some kind of life event. People move for all kinds of reasons - their job, a growing family, the desire to upgrade or downsize...


No matter what is prompting your move, Carla knows this is much more than a transaction to you, and will respect your home buying or selling journey for the adventure that it is!


Carla does most of her business by referral, and is dedicated to ensuring her clients, and their friends and family, are taken care of. Whether you are a buying for the first time, moving up into your dream home, purchasing an investment property, getting into the luxury market, flipping a distressed home, or any other situation, Carla can help!

She is truly the "agent for all seasons".


Cell: 925-200-1060

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