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Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can have a massive impact on your financial picture.


Unlike many other buy-and-hold investments, a residential property can help you earn money year-round while simultaneously increasing in value. It's all about knowing where to invest - and that's where Carla comes in!

Identifying The Right Market

If you're like many first-time real estate investors in California, buying an investment property in your local market may feel unattainable. But guess what?


You don't have to invest in your local market.


If the idea of investing somewhere you've never been feels a little scary, don't worry - that's where Carla comes in!


An experienced out-of-state investor with multiple properties in her own portfolio and many years of helping other investors get their start, Carla is an expert in both long term rentals and vacation properties (for example, Airbnb).


Real estate investing has brought passive income (and freedom) to Carla's own family, and she is passionate about helping others achieve the same in their own lives.

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